Fundraising Opportunities

If your organisation is looking for an admirable fundraising tool, you’ve come to the right place. Our quality products can help you raise money without upfront fees, inventory, or door-to-door selling. Your supporters nationwide can shop online to support your cause, and you earn money for your organisation while encouraging children to read. How wonderful! Or you can help us connect with businesses interested in sponsoring a school program, and your organisation can receive a percentage of every book.

Organisation that have benefited from our fundraisers: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lions Club, PTA's, churches and any charitable organisations.


  • Create-A-Book is the oldest and largest publisher of instant personalised children’s books.
  • All our books have an inherent educational value and truly encourage the practice of reading.
  • The personalisation is customised for each book, made one order at a time.
  • The handmade books utilise a safety-bind method insuring the child’s safety and longevity of the book.
  • New titles and products to reflect market demands.
  • Available titles cover several social and community related topics to help teach children
  • Story variables can be modified to include community goals and ideals/principles.
  • Special sponsor pages can be incorporated into the books.
  • Special annual community events can be inserted into the story line!


  • These stories motivate reading, educate, inspire imagination, and build self-esteem.
  • The personalisation makes every book a lifetime keepsake.
  • Our products make fundraising a rewarding experience.
  • Our attention to detail results in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Community leaders can be recognised for their support of educational goals.
  • Community recognition for supporting literacy, while raising funds for your organisation.
  • Sponsor placement in the books equals long-term advertising to the family.
  • Fundraisers can be repeated yearly.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact us today.

Jan Adair


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